Faces in Places – Ventura, CA

    Sometimes I get lucky and find hidden faces in places  I caught this face smiling back at me right before I got my ear pierced. It was a welcome  sight of… Continue reading

Thursday night inspiration via Kanye West

Boom. Simple as that ;)

Typography etc. in Seattle, WA

David and I took a trip to Seattle, WA back in October for my birthday and it was just BEAUTIFUL! One of my favorite parts were the different typographic styles anywhere & everywhere.… Continue reading

Faces in Places – Emeryville, CA

Sometimes I get lucky and find hidden faces in places :-) This one’s from Bay Street in Emeryville, CA.  

Quick poll: lining or non-lining numerals?

What relaxes your eye more? Which one tickles your fancy? I personally favor lining numerals in posters and large-scale publications and non-lining numerals within dense text & literature.

Color gradients in nature (part 2)

This past weekend, I flew on a single-engine plane with my boyfriend and his roommate from San Jose to Harris Ranch and back. It was a breathtaking and thrilling experience. Of course, none… Continue reading

Finding inspiration

People in love Should inspire Each other. <3   Where do you find your inspiration? xo- Ash

Featured in the Berkeley branding showcase

I’m excited to share that a few of my designs are now featured in the new Berkeley branding showcase!! A little secret? I’m such a sucker for branding. I will deliberately buy the more… Continue reading

Seven things you may not know about me

1. I’m 7/8 Filipino and 1/8 Chinese. I can understand Tagalog, but have a difficult time holding up my end of a conversation. 2. I keep a list in my phone of possible… Continue reading

Before and After: Picture Yourself at Berkeley postcard

HI EVERYONE! I AM WRITING IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I AM HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT TWO OF MY DESIGNS HAVE HIT THE PRESS! I must say, there is an amazing energy attached to… Continue reading